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Alhambra 1C Black Satin je klasična gitara, izvanredne kvalitete. Prednja ploča izrađena je od red cedra, tijelo od laminiranog mahagonija, vrat od mahagonija i hvataljka od Indijskog palisandera. Boja: crna.

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1 C Black Satin

A study instrument with a surprising finish. A matt black guitar, elegant and with modern aesthetics.

This guitar surprises by its characteristic matt black color, a very careful design made with quality materials. It should be noted that the matt black finish, unlike what it seems, it leaves no mark on the fingerprints.

Handmade and with selected woods, the model 1 C Black Satin is built with solid cedar top and Sapelli sides and back, woods that allow a sound with volume and suitable to interpret different styles.

The finish is careful to provide an elegant instrument. Elements such as nickel-plated machine heads, the fingerboard of Indian Rosewood or the binding on top, define a beautiful and stylized guitar.
Matt black color, a modern image

The model 1 C Black Satin is a very comfortable instrument, like the model 1 C, the action of the strings is adjusted to get a very suitable instrument for the beginning in the study of the art of the guitar.

The sound performance and comfort, make a suitable instrument for the interpretation of different musical styles. That is why we have chosen to offer the possibility of a black guitar so that this instrument is a bit away from the traditional image of a classical guitar.
Powerful sound

Although the model 1 C Black Satin is a starting instrument, with a good quality-price ratio, we find a guitar with volume and high capacity to define the sound.

For the elaboration of the bridges, both for the saddle and for the nut, melamine has been used, a synthetic material that is highly transmitter of sound and contributes to a round and defined sound.
In short, the model 1 C Black Satin is an elegant guitar, with very good features, which together with its aesthetics, make it a very versatile instrument in its use.


TOP: Solid Red Cedar
SIDES & BACK: Mahogany
NECK: Mahogany
FINGERBOARD: Indian Rosewood
MACHINE HEADS: Nickel Plated
BINDING: Only on top
SIZES: (1/2), Cadete (3/4) and Señorita (7/8)


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E1 Elect. Fishman Classic M
E2 Elect. Fishman Prefix ProBlend
Tap plate
Left handed



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